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BPC-157 (Body Protection Compound)(60 CAPSULES)
BPC-157 (Body Protection Compound) From Integrative Peptides (60 CAPSULES) Integrative Peptides' top product, BPC-157, is packed with 500 mcg of a highly effective, versatile peptide. Known as a preferred choice among physicians for its broad therapeutic uses, BPC-157 is celebrated...
Dhs. 600.00 Dhs. 550.00
BPC-157 PURE Oral Spray
BPC-157 PURE Oral Spray Introducing Integrative Peptides' latest innovation: a peppermint-flavored BPC-157 PURE Oral Spray version of their top-selling BPC-157, delivering 500 mcg of this versatile, systemically active peptide. Favored by physicians for its wide-ranging therapeutic benefits, BPC-157 is celebrated...
Dhs. 600.00 Dhs. 550.00
Can't Weight - From Integrative Peptides (60 CAPSULES)
CAN’T WEIGHT - PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE FOR SATIETY Can’t Weight is a protein hydrolysate peptide blend which acts on food intake modulators at the hypothalamic and digestive levels. DNF-10® is a protein hydrolysate from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Active on the mediators of satiety,...
Dhs. 331.00
KPV Ultra Oral Spray
KPV Ultra Oral Spray KPV Ultra Oral Spray by Integrative Peptides contains 500 mcg of the active bioregulator fragment of α-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH). This component is considered one of the body's most potent regulators of normal immune balance and...
Dhs. 600.00 Dhs. 550.00
TB4-FRAG MAX (60 CAPSULES)  TB4-FRAG Max includes a reformulated version of TB4 Active Frag for 10x potency in addition to a synergistic blend of absorbable bioactive natural thymic peptides. Contains premium low molecular weight thymus extract from ovine (sheep). Benefits...
Dhs. 680.00
TB4-Frag Spray
Presenting a new peppermint-flavored oral spray format of one of Integrative Peptides’ most popular products, TB4-FRAG™, containing 500 mcg of the active fragment of the larger peptide, Thymosin Beta 4. The oral spray contains over 3x the amount of active fragment per...
Dhs. 680.00
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Thymogen Alpha-1 (60 CAPSULES)
Thymogen Alpha-1 From Integrative Peptides (60 CAPSULES) Thymogen Alpha-1 From Integrative Peptides (60 CAPSULES), contains a synergistic combination of immune-modulating, bioregulator dipeptides thymogen and immune peptide A2 (Lys-Glu).   Based on clinical trials, published literature, and through use of a...
Dhs. 550.00
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