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Primeadine® GF (Gluten-Free Spermidine)
Primeadine GF, our gluten-free, soy-free spermidine product exclusively sourced and manufactured in the longevity Blue Zone of Okinawa, is our answer for clients who are Celiac or suffer from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) or Leaky Gut, or simply want...
Dhs. 420.00
Primeadine® (Spermidine)
Primeadine® is the purest food-derived spermidine supplement on the market, with zero fillers or flow agents. It also comes with two others naturally occurring polyamines important to human health, spermine and putrescine, which work together with spermidine as part of a virtuous recycling...
Dhs. 420.00
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