CROSSFIT ATHLETE. Determination, persistency, and focus. This sums up Roman’s approach since he stormed the CrossFit world and the Europe Regionals in 2018. He qualified for the CrossFit Games for the last four years. And now he can finally compete in 2022.

Roman is a top competitor to look out for. He thrives on competition having placed 1st in all of these events:

  • 2021 Dubai CrossFit Championship
  • 2021 Madrid CrossFit Championship
  • 2021 Butcher’s Classic (MM Team)
  • 2021 CrossFit Last Chance Qualifier
  • 2022 Far East Throwdown

We are incredibly excited to see him compete in person in Madison with the fittest people on Earth.

“I am proud to have joined forces with Unbroken, a unique recovery supplement that I have used since 2019. Unbroken is produced from fresh Norwegian salmon and it is very rich in free form amino acids, short chain peptides, vitamins and micronutrients. One very important thing I also want to highlight is that Unbroken is tested for contamination and is certified by Informed Sport.

When I was competing at the Butcher’s Classic in Copenhagen in August 2021, I finally managed to get some more of this wonder stuff again and was instantly reminded of how much of a difference it makes. So when the opportunity came up that I could join the team of Unbrokenrtr ambassadors alongside my friends and fellow CrossFit competitors Sara Sigmundsdottir and BKG, I did not have to think, I just needed to know where to sign.

I really feel the effect of taking Unbroken for recovery. I take 4 tablets a day: Two tablets after the first workout and two after the second.

I believe that this supplement has also helped me to cope with the load this fall, because I had three competitions in a row in the Fall of 2021! I didn’t feel broken and my immune system coped perfectly with seasonal colds, I’m sure it’s thanks to Unbroken.”

I am really thankful to Unbrokenrtr for their trust and belief in me.”

– Roman Khrennikov, CrossFit Games Athlete

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