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    CROSSFIT ATHLETE - “have been taking Unbroken for the past two years and have felt less soreness and improved wellness. After speaking with the Unbroken team, I started taking 1 in the morning, 2-3 during the day and then 1 before bed, and I finally got my first three green days in a row in my recovery on my Whoop app! This was the...


    How did you get into your sport? I’ve been a life long athlete. I became a serious runner in 6th grade, just 11 years old. I ran a 10K race at my school, with students ranging from 6th to 12th  grade. Somehow, I won. That day, the Cross Country coach convinced my parents to start training with the varsity team. So I began training every day with...


    CROSSFIT ATHLETE. Determination, persistency, and focus. This sums up Roman’s approach since he stormed the CrossFit world and the Europe Regionals in 2018. He qualified for the CrossFit Games for the last four years. And now he can finally compete in 2022. Roman is a top competitor to look out for. He thrives on competition having placed 1st in all of these events: 2021 Dubai...
  • Elevating CrossFit Recovery: Unbroken and CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue

    Elevating CrossFit Recovery: Unbroken and CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue

    We are proud to have Team CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue join Unbroken in its mission to inspire recovery journeys of the CrossFit Community and beyond. With the new rules opening more flexibility for teams and training, the competition will be fierce. The CrossFit community is a tight-knit group of global athletes who share a passion for pushing their bodies to the limit. With the new rules in...
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