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Bimuno DAILY
Bimuno DAILY Bimuno daily 30 soluble high fibre sachets. What is bimuno? Bimuno Original Prebiotic - a Daily Prebiotic Supplement supporting gut health. Bimuno DAILY offers an easy way to increase levels of good bacteria in your gut. Taste-free, soluble...
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Enzymatic Mouth Fresheners
Send your tastebuds on a wintry adventure with PrecisionBiotics® Enzymatic Mouth Fresheners—minty fresh, sugar-free breath tablets formulated to awaken your tastebuds and support the elimination of bad breath odor for up to 4 hours. At a glance Send your tastebuds...
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Mega IgG2000 Capsules
Mega IgG2000 Capsules Mega IgG2000 Capsules, developed by Microbiome Labs, are a dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate designed to support healthy digestion, immune function, and maintain a robust gut barrier. Benefits Gut Health: Mega IgG2000 Capsules Supports mucosal immunity and maintains a...
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MegaQuinD₃ Introducing MegaQuinD₃™, a potent K2/D3 supplement crafted to support a range of bodily functions including bone health, heart function, nervous system, mitochondrial activity, and immune response. This innovative supplement blends vitamins K and D to provide comprehensive metabolic support,...
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MegaSporeBiotic Description MegaSporeBiotic is a unique probiotic supplement designed to support gut health. This 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic is known for maintaining a healthy gut barrier function and promoting microbial diversity. MegaSporeBiotic features a blend of five Bacillus spores, including...
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Primeadine® (Spermidine)
Primeadine® (Spermidine) Primeadine® (Spermidine) stands out as the purest food-derived spermidine supplement available, containing no fillers or flow agents. It uniquely includes spermine and putrescine, naturally occurring polyamines crucial for human health. These compounds form a recycling loop with spermidine,...
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Synbiotic Soft Chews
Synbiotic Soft Chews The PrecisionBiotics® Synbiotic is a daily soft chew with spore-based probiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome for adults and children. Dosing Instructions Ages 4+: Consume 1 soft chew daily with or without a meal....
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